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Loading Dock Seals & Shelters

Pentalift offers a complete line of dock seals and dock shelters to suit the most common overhead door sizes. Pentalift manufactures a complete range of foam and air inflatable dock seals as well as rigid, flexible and air inflatable dock shelters. All products are designed to improve safety, protect merchandise, reduce cost and improve security at the loading dock.
The PS-100 Fixed Header dock seal is a compressible, foam-filled, 3 sided dock seal. It is best suited for a door opening that is 8' wide X 8' high / 8' wide X 9' high. [more...]
The PS-200A Adjustable Curtain dock seal is an effective solution for dock doors which service trucks/trailers of varying heights. [more...]
PS-200A Adjustable Curtain Dock Seals - Loading Dock Equipment - Pentalift
The PS-400S Rigid dock shelter is designed to allow complete, unobstructed access to the rear of a truck/trailer for easier loading/unloading operations. [more...]
The PS-470 Ultima Dock Shelter is a unique design permitting full access to the rear door. This model of dock shelter is an alternative to the rigid side frames of a conventional dock shelter. [more...]
The PS-500 Retractable dock shelter is best suited for facilities with large doors and where the entire truck/trailer door opening must be unobstructed [more...]
The PS-700 L-Shape dock seal is an effective solution for larger door openings which service trucks/trailers of varying widths. [more...]
The PSI-I50 Fixed Header Inflatable dock seal is best suited for use on doors up to 8' wide X 8' high. When the PSI-150 is inflated, it provides a weather tight, energy efficient seal. [more...]
The PSI-250 Adjustable Curtain Inflatable dock seal shares all of the characteristics of the Model PSI-150 with the added benefit of an adjustable head curtain. [more...]
The PSI-350AA Adjustable Header Inflatable dock seal is the ideal solution for sealing door openings up to 8' wide X 11' high servicing truck/trailers of variable heights. [more...]
The PSI-450 Rigid Inflatable dock shelter is the ideal choice to allow complete, unobstructed access to the rear of a truck/trailer for easier loading/unloading. [more...]
The PSI-550 Retractable Inflatable dock shelter design has no projecting framework in the contact areas. This prevents shelter damage due to truck/trailer impact. [more...]
The PSI-650 inflatable rail shelter provides the most effective weather-protected passageway between a rail car and the loading dock. [more...]
Prevents rain from running off the top of a trailer into the dock area. [more...]
RS-800S Rain Seal - Loading Dock Equipment - Pentalift
Our Primary Goal is to engineer and build the best dock seals and dock shelter products to ensure the ultimate in user safety and product reliability. Please Contact a Pentalift sales representative to discuss your application requirements.